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How FreeServices BecomeABig Business Source?

The era of investing a lot of capital and waiting patiently for the money to flow in an entrepreneur’s life is gone. This is that era where if you have good internet and access to some free services and tools, you can instantly crack some of the best businesses and can make money instantly.

Also, if you want to run a small business first, that is completely fine. You have to carefully do the analysis of all the important decisions that your small team or you make. Thus, if you are just starting out or you do not have much knowledge about how to grow your business, here is an advice: giving free services and tools through the internet can make your small business exponentially grow.

You have to be realistic, and try to make the most of the software and the tools during their trial time. And if you are offering free services to your customers and you aren’t earning a penny out of it, you have to wait. A lot of startups who are big companies now did give free services in the start …

Crypto currency Facts that needs tobe studied before entering theCrypto-World

The mysterious world of Crypto currency and Bitcoin have steadily gained popularity in past few years. Where some are using it for investment purpose, others utilize it for making daily transactions.

Whenever you make any investment, it is significant to be informed about every fact related to where you are investing in. Then probably you will end up making decisions based upon your own understanding and research. Below are some facts about cryptocurrency that can help you while getting started with making investments in crypto currency.

Losing Bitcoinprivate key means losing bitcoin

On November 2013, an It guy named James Howells lost some 7,500 bitcoins while he was cleaning the desk in his house. He mistakenly threw away disk that contained all private keys related to bitcoins he had mined in 2010.

He realized his mistake after getting to know that another man named Norweigan had made a fortune after purchasing bitcoins at lower rates. After searching for many days also, James nev…

HowTo Invest InReal Estate WithoutBuying property?

Real Estate is always a lucrative area to invest in because it does bring in a lot of profit. At the same time, this may bring some losses too. People often have the misconception that they have to purchase property to actually start investing in Real Estate.

But here is a catch, you can invest in Real Estate without actually buying any property. It is good to know that you have an interest in investing your savings. You can invest in many realms or options like stocks, bonds, schemes etc. but the only smart investment can bring a tremendous change in your life. Investing in Real Estate needs certain calculations but they are one of the smartest investments available.

Since you are interested in investing in the Real Estate market, here is how you can do it without buying property:
Get into Real Estate Mutual Funds: Real Estate Mutual Funds do not actually require you to make any property purchase. This is a very smart investment model where a certain company you trust invests in the …

FreeNew WordPress Popular Themes

The first thing that catches the attention of the audience is the theme of the website. While some people prefer a chic, white washed theme for their website, some people do really love itss when colours pop out and the content becomes highlighted. The themes, however, are not always set up on the basis of the likes of the owner but the content of the website is also important in deciding which theme a person should choose.

Apart from the themes discussed in great details in the previous post, there are a number of other themes as well that suit the purpose of the creator and can be moulded in a certain way so that it stands out from the rest. Some of the famous blogs and websites always have reinforced the idea of choosing the right theme to suit the purposes. This article has an in depth look on some of the themes that are available on Wordpress.


One of the most minimalistic Wordpress themes available, Airi is a theme that displays a beautiful, spacious design with lots of…

Online Marketing Strategies that can be adopted by Small Business Owners

If you have a great business idea with all initial setup, including logo and taglines, this post is for you. Now that you have everything ready, all you need is finding potential customers. Probably, you can find diversified marketplace where you can sell products in fresh markets also.

Before starting, let me tell you something, ‘Marketing is no Magic’. Which means, although the concept is different nowadays, but it might take you through million shades altogether. Initial reading before deciding upon marketing strategy for your business is very essential, especially if you have limited budget. Go through below mentioned points to get appropriate base and correct knowledge about customers. Find:

Demographic under which your customers lay.Customers living standards.Where do they stay, urban/rural?What other companies under your niche provide
with?Where can you locate your customers online?
Answers to the above points may now help you in making further strategies. Let’s crawl into some …

Function Of Financial Management

Finance is the important part for the business. It is the heart and soul for any organization. It plays an important role in the profit of business. The better the management the maximum the profit. We will see about the different points like importance, role, scope, planning for financial management. For performing the sound business, financial management is very necessary.

Definition of financial management Various authors have given the different definition of financial management. Let us see few of them

Like Howard & opton defined it and said: "financial management may be defined as that area or set of administrative function in an organization which relate with the arrangement of cash and credit so that organization may have the means to carry out its objective as satisfactorily as possible." Ezra Solomon described financial management as follows: "financial management is properly viewed as an integral part of overall management rather than as a staff especi…

Unique Website Start-up Ideas that can be used by Newbies

With internet becoming easily accessible these days, many people think of becoming online masters by promoting their inner talent to earn lots of money. And why not? Now you don’t have to struggle to much for owning a website as all guides can be easily availed through online platform. Moreover, you can start your own online business and that too with low investment and under your own comfortable space and time.

To get along with online world, you need to have knowledge about current trends among people, compare and analyse what type of content are read by people and then select your business model eventually. Without wasting much of your time, I would like to put in front few ideas from where you can easily select a start-up website idea and go ahead in 2019!

For Techies:

Domain selling and buying: This idea is for computer techies. Develop a website from the scratch where users can get to see new domains along with existing ones to form a circle of buying and selling.Advertising: Fa…

Start a Blog in 2019: Step-by Step guide for Beginners

Blog is a kind of website which focuses upon written content mainly, also called as blog posts. Nowadays, we often get to hear about news or celebrity blogs, but as you go beyond, you will find many people are using blogs not only to do blogging out of pleasure, but also to earn decent amount of money.

Bloggers are the people who write from their own perspective
which allows them to connect with blog readers. Additionally, many blogs
contain “comment” sections in it that further helps in getting connected with

The connection made directly with the readers becomes biggest advantage while starting a blog. This connectivity will allow you to make interactions along with sharing ideas with like-mind communities and people. This also allows in bringing trust among your readers and while you are able to gain trust and readers loyalty, it opens a new door in the form of a blog that will be discussed later in this blog.

Good reasons to start blogging this year

Now that you are awar…


Mobile website refers to browser based internet services which isaccesses from different handheld mobile devices such as smart phones, laptops and computers etc. the mobile web is also known as web 3.0which is drawing parallel to the changes users as experiencing and more modified than web 2.0.

This mobile web has popularized by a Silicon Valley company which was known as unwired planet. After that it has been expanded all over the world. Apart from these there has a clear SEO benefit to having your website that is optimized for mobile.

Websites have good rankings which weren’t mobile-friendly would start taking an SEO hit. When you have visited a website on your mobile phone and found yourself squinting to read the text, or constantly zooming in and out to see everything.

Different organizations have both a mobile-friendly public website for their general web presence, as well as a downloadable native app to accommodate more specific requirements. Now it’s depends upon man to man …

Everything you need to know about mAadhaar App for your smartphones

With an alarming rate of increase seen in adaptation to digitization in India, increase in uses of Aadhaar card can also be seen. Aadhaar is a digital way through which we can carry our personal data in the form of unique code given to every citizen of India. For our convenience, government have introduced mAadhaar, also known as mobile Aadhaar that enables its users carry them necessary identity proof all the time to produce when and wherever required.

Digital Aadhaar card in mobile phones can be installed through mAadhaar app and is now accepted as a valid proof of identity. The uses of Aadhaar is not unknown to us but few which were added later includes entry to airport and Indian Railway terminals by showing mAadhaar via mobile phones.

Now, you can easily produce your valid proof of identity through digital Aadhaar or mAadhaar by opening it in the app and inserting user’s passcode as shown in the smartphones. However, the digital Aadhaar can be downloaded on those phones only w…

Stock Market Trading Investors

Stock Market is a place where buyers and sellers of stocks come together and decide a price in which they buy or sell their stocks. Stocks markets are physical market in which trading of stocks happen on the trading floor. But eventually the markets have become virtual or online which has huge computer networks which record the transactions or trading electronically. It’s a secondary market where sellers sell the stocks which they own to potential buyers.

Stock trading means trading of stocks like buying and selling of stocks on the same day or holding the stock for 2-3 days before selling. Buying and selling of stocks on the same day is called intra- day trading while holding the stocks for some days makes it swing trading. Stock trading is a risky business. Investors are attracted to share trading is because it is a quick money-making business.

When the market is volatile one can earn huge profit or can have huge loss. So, one must have knowledge of technical analysis, one must hav…

8 WordPress Themes for Bloggers and Website Developers

Does your blog require a makeover before traffic hits? Or, are you unaware about best ones for your domain?

With availability of thousands of WordPress themes available online, it can prove overwhelming to choose one that can fulfil your requirements. In fact, WordPress offers a very simple procedure to swap out themes.

We have shortlisted few WordPress themes for you that has gained much popularity among bloggers and website owners. You can pick anyone of them that may suit your requirements and get it installed easily to get a makeover for your website.

Tip: Choose one that offers flexibility as they can be used for different purposes, allowing you create exactly the site you wish for. Additionally, always try and do it yourself instead of hiring some developers or website creators since, if you want to customize your website ever, you will have to hire a professional again.

So, choose one theme that remains highly customizable to allow you to alter whenever and whatever you want …

One Device Multiple Usages

What do you do after waking up early in the morning? Well, most of us would look into our favorite gadget i.e. our smartphone probably to switch of its wake-up alarm! With time, things have changed a lot where many devices have been taken place by smartphones. And why not? Though it may sound like a statement, but the fact is smartphones have made our lives really easier than before. Numerous and effective features of smartphones are developing each day that can be easily assessed by smartphone users, just at their fingertips.

Let us have a look at some really useful features of smartphones that have made us replace smartphones for multiple devices.

Utilities: Smartphones have replaced many everyday utility devices like flashlight, compass, calculator etc. Now you do not have to carry a torch with you during the times of emergency or you do not even feel its necessity because your phones provide you with sufficient light whenever required. Figure out how much does 1239X142 make? Look…