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Start a Blog in 2019: Step-by Step guide for Beginners

Blog is a kind of website which focuses upon written content mainly, also called as blog posts. Nowadays, we often get to hear about news or celebrity blogs, but as you go beyond, you will find many people are using blogs not only to do blogging out of pleasure, but also to earn decent amount of money.

Bloggers are the people who write from their own perspective
which allows them to connect with blog readers. Additionally, many blogs
contain “comment” sections in it that further helps in getting connected with

The connection made directly with the readers becomes biggest advantage while starting a blog. This connectivity will allow you to make interactions along with sharing ideas with like-mind communities and people. This also allows in bringing trust among your readers and while you are able to gain trust and readers loyalty, it opens a new door in the form of a blog that will be discussed later in this blog.

Good reasons to start blogging this year

Now that you are aware what a blog is all about, next question that will generally arise in your mind must be, why shall I start blogging? Many people have a misconception about blogs that they need to be a good writer or specialise in some or the other field. Believe me, there are many people who likes to read those blogs that contains personal perspectives rather than some flowery words churned to create informative lines merely!

Also, you do not need to be expert on your chosen topic to have a successful website. For instance, readers that demands reading recipes for cooking do not want to read long books from any food scientist, rather they would prefer hearing experiences shared by someone who have cooked that food actually and give suggestions like food smell, taste or flaws in the recipe.

However, to remain successful in your niche as a blogger, you need one major factor i.e. passion for your topic. At its heart, sharing of experiences is what blogging is all about. Choose a topic that suits your passion and your blogging process will become much easier in later stages. Writing about more than single topic is also fine provided you are comfortable with it. As long as you keep writing about those things in which you are interested, your passion for writing will always shine through as it will keep readers interested to read your blogs on regular basis. Other reasons why you must start blogging right away are given below

Make money from your own comfortable couch: Blogging proves to be the most lucrative of all other ‘work from home opportunities’, if done appropriately. Although full-time bloggers from around the globe earn a handsome amount of revenue, part-time bloggers can also expect to earn nice profits if every element related to blogging are followed correctly. The best part about blogging is that it acts as an additional part of passive income as you need to spend just few hours in a week for writing blog post. To make money out of it, go into more details on how to monetise on your website through Google AdSense and market affiliates.

Share you experience: Blogging allows writers to have a voice
that can be heard by others. This means, you can easily share your experiences
and story which you desire to be shared with entire world. Commonly, blogs that
are used for sharing experiences follow diary format where bloggers write about everyday experiences that can be read by family, friends or others to become a part of the writer’s life.

Getting a recognition for business and yourself: A successful blogging site not only gives you an opportunity to get recognised, but also allows you to promote your business or products which you intend to sell at an international level. Many bloggers are recognised as an expert because of their blog whereas many have gotten their books published along with movie deals through their blogs.

Building a community: Blogging follows a thumb rule of interaction. When you write a blog, people usually comment on it and in a way, each one of them gets connected with one other thus building an entire new community.

People who takes keen interest in your subject might like to give you some tips
and suggestions while others may appreciate for your hard work. In both the
cases, it is you who get an opportunity to learn from others present in the
form of readers.

Initial steps to start a blog

To start a blog, following initial steps is very crucial and
while adding any credentials, ensure to keep them protected as well as easy to remember
for future references. Follow below mentioned steps and within 20 minutes, become
the owner of your personal website:
  1. The first step requires you to take up a blog name and a topic that suits your interest. Initially, try and choose some descriptive topic as writing for you may become easier.
  2. Once you have decided with name and topic for your blog, get it registered online with the help of various web hosting platforms available online.
  3. Customise your blog with free templates available. Choose wisely and the ones that fulfil your requirements along with making you website more user friendly.
  4. After this, the fun part begins actually. Write whatever you wish and publish your first blog to be read by people all over the world.
  5. To get more people read your blog or increase website traffic, promote your blogs via social media sites and advertisements.
  6. Start making money through various methods. Once your website starts performing well along with getting enough traffic, apply for Google AdSense. You can even approach marketers to sell their products from your website through marketing affiliate programs or on commission basis.  



  1. So . How exactly can we make money in this.. let's speak of fashion and lifestyle blogs... Whom to approach? Who will pay and how?

  2. Can we start a blog for free? from when I can start earning from a blog
    It is helpfull though thankyou. I have written something on qb


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