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32 Ways ToEarn Money FromThe Comfort OfYour Home

You may be a busy mom or a stay at home father, or a student with many student loan or an aspiring entrepreneur or a person who is home bound or just anyone who needs a little extra cash, as the expenses are unending and the income is fixed. Therefore it would be amazing if you could earn a something from the comfort of your home. Thus here are some legitimate ways that can help you to earn money from home that too without becoming the target of any scams that are prevalent in the Internet these days.

  1. Get free Amazon gift cards- this is a cool way to earn. Sign up for MyPoints and get free Amazon gift card worth $10. It is easy just shop with some registered online retailers like, Amazon, Walmart and earn points on your purchases. The points can be redeemed for gift cards, restaurant and travel partners.
  2. Get paid for being healthy- this is health app that gives you points for staying healthy and doing activities like walking, taking health surveys or tracking the calorie of your food. The points can be redeemed for cash or Amazon gift cards.
  3. Teach Calligraphy- if you are good at writing then there are sites that will send you letters or cards for lettering. There are online shops like Etsy that need such work and can help you earn good amount depending on your work quality.
  4. Sell cookies- if you are a passionate baker then bake some cookies and list it online and sell it. If the distance is too long and you are scared of goods getting spoilt then the option is to sell DIY kits of your cookies. This will aspire a passionate baker to start their baking journey. Not only cookies if there is any gourmet recipe make a DIY kit for it and sell it online who love to cook but do not have time or are not interested in preparing for the recipe.
  5. Watch movie or video previews and earn- this is like cake walk, just watch some videos in your free time and like them and get paid for it. Sites also give you points to watch the video for specified minutes the points can be redeemed by Paypal.
  6. Start a side business- there are many options for side business like be the online personal stylist or online nutritional guide as per your calling choose the work and help the people who need your services.
  7. Test websites- If you visit a website it may be good or bad and you can get paid for the feedback that you share. The new website owner pay you for testing the site, you have to just open the website, click on it and get payment.
  8. Rent your clothes online- rather than selling your clothes online just rent them out. This is a good option as the same piece of cloth will get you income so many times and its possession will not change.
  9. Rent your accessories, sports gears, musical instrument or bikes- if there is any physical asset that you have in your possession. This is a good way to earn some extra money from your idle asset. Online sites are there which let you list your stuff there and find good buyer for it.
  10. Flea market tossing- if you have the knack of redesigning then this market is your calling. Buy some waste stuff from second hand shops or from flea market and add your personal touch to it and restore it and make it a thing of art and beauty. Thus the trash is turned in beauty and you get paid for it. Simply get yourself registered on such online stores and get buyers from these sites.
  11. Bed and breakfast or AirBnB- if you have house to live with some spare space or your house is near a college campus or some hospitals then just list your space for letting out for some hours. That is just for sleeping in night or eating home cooked food or get registered at sites like AirBnb that can help you rent out your space very safely and get payment for the same.
  12. Technical freelancing- You can be freelance designer, graphic developer, web programming job for sites or blogs and get payment for this tasks done by you.
  13. Get money back instantly for the things that you have already bought- getting refund is a cool thing, just shop online from sites like Walmart, Best Buy, Apple, Kohl and many more sites, and get refund for the thing already purchased.
  14. Start online tuitions- give private tuitions from your home that too at the time that suits you and get paid for the knowledge that you will share.
  15. Sign up for free gifts- it is the best option for online shoppers. There are sites that give you gift card when you firs sign up. Visit the website of Ebates and shop from the stores registered there. Ebate gets commission for this and they share this commission with you.
  16. Rate pizzas- there are companies that pay you for rating the local pizza shops. Just place your order with these pizza shops and as per their quality and taste, rate their pizza. You will get pizza for free along with some extra cash to share your views on pizza.
  17. Download and install these apps- Many companies including Google pay you to download their apps. Also you get monthly remuneration if the website continues to be installed on your phone. A few of such apps are ShopTracker, MobileXpresion, Nielsen Mobile Panel and many more.
  18. Online travel agent- if you are the one who visits travel websites in your free time then get some commission by rendering your services as alternative travel agent.
  19. Associate marketing- join Amazon Afflilate or Google AdSense choose the commodities that you want to promote and advertise them and get paid for it.
  20. Change your search engine- If you are trusting Google or Yahoo too much then just change to Bing Search Engine and get some extra cash for this change. If you are regular on Bing it will become your search engine and you can earn credits that can be redeemed for gift cards.
  21. Sell lesson plans- if you are interested in academics, then sell your lesson plans to new teachers and earn from the sale proceeds.
  22. Data entry- This is good work sand will not require any experience or talent. Just use your typing skill to enter information and earn cash on the basis of the number of words that you have so entered.
  23. Play game online- there are several games online that pay you to play it. If you win you get paid, and the best thing is that you play for free without paying any amount.
  24. Maintain fan pages- Maintaining social fan pages on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter can earn you points or cash.
  25. Sell online- selling your stuff online can get you more cash than if you sell it on the local market. It is like knowing your market and selling it. There are certain goods that are common in a place but the other place may not have it and if you sell it there you will earn more. Just buy from the local seller and get courier delivered to the other place and receive your payment from Paypal and thus earn huge profits.
  26. Works for Amazon- there are tasks on Amazon that need human interaction. The work can be done from home and has flexible hours for work. There are small tasks like translate paragraphs from one language to other, select the correct spelling for these terms, rate the search result for the keywords and many other such small tasks.
  27. Become part of online focus group- if you become part of groups like ProOpinion and get payments from PayPal, checks or gift cards.
  28. Rectify mistake from Google- Search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing pay you to correct their search results. Simply rectify the error with some relevant, useful and qualitative response.
  29. Test search engines- evaluate search engines by means of researches on predefined listed queries, analyze them and give your valuable feedback for the search engine results and its relevance. This will get you paid or earn you points that can be redeemed at Paypal or Amazon gift cards.
  30. Online Juror- if you are law-abiding citizen and like to pass your verdict for any case then this job is for you. Many cases before going to the court are sent for “pre-try”, you review the facts and pass your verdict and depending on the complexity and length of the case you can get payment.
  31. Sell your projects- you may be a pro at making projects but not all are. If you have made a project and now no longer you need it then sell it to the person who needs it. There are online sites that get such buyers and sellers together, or you can also post your project listed for selling on the social groups and get sellers, thus make money online.
  32. Become someone to talk too- today we my have many virtual friends but friends with whom we can share our problems are few. Thus if you can be a person with whom one can share problem and not fear of being judged then it will be awesome. There are groups of such people online just contact them and get paid on the basis of the time they have used.
There are ways to earn money by being online and these ways are easy and simple, you just need to be on the right site at the right time. A little patience and good observation can get you huge amount of money that too legally without any investment, or deposit of caution money.



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