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Small Business Opportunities WithRs. 1Lakh To5 Lakh Investment

Setting up your own business is an amazing opportunity because it not just promises growth but also the ability to be your own boss. You can invest money and time according to your convenience and watch the business take wings. Dedication and commitment are some of the most essential commodities along with an adequate amount of money. If you are just planning a start-up with a small investment here are some brilliant ideas where you can invest anything Rs 1 and 5 lakhs to start with.
  • Selling imported Chinese items online:

China makes some of the cheapest products available in the market. As a beginner, you can try your hand at buying some of these products according to your area of interest. These products can be lighting item, electronic toys, or any other electronic items. After buying these products at the lowest cost you can sell them from a brick and mortar store or even online. With online selling store, you will have to take care of the packaging section as well as a tie-up with a courier service provider. You can even get in touch with online selling platforms like Flipkart and Amazon as well as you can create your own. If the products are of good quality and you can get some dedicated buyers then your business will be good.

  • Printing Business:
Selecting the right business stream is very important because you must have a steady demand for the product. The printing industry has a constant demand thanks to the constant requirement for business and invitation cards, pamphlets, handbills etc. Books are also printed hugely even though a lot of content is available online. The rates for the cards depend on the quality of the paper, print, and designs. Since the requirement of printing generally comes from businesses, therefore, it is a high income provider business.

  • Clothes store:
Garments are always in high demand at any point in time, anywhere. These are among the basic necessities for people and are unlikely to go out of fashion. Also, to open a garment store you will not need a huge investment. You can easily start a small shop with an investment within Rs 5 lakh. Try opening a store that has something for all genders and ages. This will help you draw more crowds. Also, stock up on the latest fashionable items so that people find it interesting. In starting, you can try with online platform then after getting benefits; you can open your store in a place where you can get good customers.

Even you can try drop-shipping. It is a feature of online reselling services. You can register on that online store as a reseller then you can select products that you want to sell. Then spread information about that product among your customers. If you get any buyer for the product then you have to place an order for that product on an online store with the shipping address of your buyer. In this way, you don’t need to invest in stock maintenance.
  • Pest Control: 
Homes infested with roaches, bugs etc can be really messy and you can help them out with your pest control business. This business requires very low investment and can attract clients from industries like hotels, bars, housing complexes etc.
  • Wedding equipment:
Weddings are a big deal anywhere across the globe and investing in a company that rents out the equipment is a good idea. You will need to purchase the usual things like tables, chairs, wire, bamboo, items for decorating the wedding venue etc. These materials need to be purchased only once and then used for years untill they become outdated. Be assured of high returns on this business.

  • Food Truck: 
This is a comparatively new concept in India. But you will need a taste for good food along with your business acumen. A sturdy vehicle, lip-smacking food, and the right location are all you need to get this business running.

Even if you are not high on money, better be high on ideas! Start your business with your ideas and enjoy your start-up!



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